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Rules, Announcements, News and Feedback Rules, Announcements, News and Feedback
This is where site rules and important announcements about the site are made. Please read carefully before you join. Also you can leave us feedback or ask site questions here.
1,189 14,911 Is It Me?
Yesterday 12:20 PM
by Criminals

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The Lounge The Lounge
Introduce yourself here! For great discussions on various subjects and to have some fun relaxed topics you can enter our Lounge. Read the rules in the forums as trolling, spamming, or flaming are not allowed.
Moderated By: Mentors
7,541 79,672 what do you think of fat ...
Today 02:44 AM
by Prison Break™
Personal Life Personal Life
Our personal life topics sections are all under subforums of this category.
Moderated By: Mentors
226 2,783 Feeling shit
Yesterday 05:46 PM
by Jacoobzy
Member Contests Member Contests
This is a special forum dedicated to all the contests that members run. These are not official contests so participation is at your own risk.
3,401 41,617 :~400 Amazon Accounts:Pri...
Yesterday 09:10 PM
by KyloCrux
Monetizing Techniques Monetizing Techniques
If you're looking for methods to make more money online this is your forum. If you have great ideas or a system to monetize please share it.
1,061 16,182 100% FREE! [VIP Betting] ...
10-14-2016 06:11 AM
by siur
News and Happenings News and Happenings
This is to discuss world news, local happenings, and interesting topics of what's going on in society.
525 3,856 Major DDoS attack on Dyn ...
Yesterday 03:36 PM
by Criminals
Movies & Cinema Movies & Cinema
This is our movies and video forum. If you have something you wish to show us, discuss a new movie you have recently seen please post here.
671 4,254 The Day I Hired A Hitman
10-08-2016 04:05 PM
by Jimmie
Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics
Debates and other discussions that surround the topics of science, religion, politics and philosophy. We ask all deep thinkers to post here.
256 2,563 What Religion are you?
10-20-2016 09:00 AM
by Love$ick
Melody, Harmony, Rhythm and MP3 Melody, Harmony, Rhythm and MP3
This is our music section. Listening with an iPod or your favorite MP3 player? Maybe you're a musician? Do you go to concerts? We want all music threads here.
1,307 4,624 My cover of Hello by Adel...
Yesterday 06:19 PM
by Repentance
Anime Adventures Anime Adventures
Anime fans of VHF rejoice for their special section. Topics include anime wallpapers, anime art, how to draw anime, and anime movies.
85 748 Get Updated On New Anime ...
11-21-2014 05:19 PM
by Wraith
Help Desk Help Desk
Get help with anything and everything. This is a place to ask for help from other members. Forum related help; post in the rules and announcements.
1,029 6,650 I need to connect to HF b...
10-17-2016 11:42 AM
by Gundyr
Random Random
There is no limit to the amount of randomness that can be contained. All the off-topic threads go here. All forum rules still apply except spamming-related rules.
122 849 when i hear about HF fagg...
10-19-2016 04:19 PM
by Jacoobzy
Funny Funny
Post up your funny/interesting/random videos here.
224 1,299 This is soo true :D I los...
10-16-2016 02:40 PM

Forum Threads Posts Last Post

Forum Threads Posts Last Post
Group and Crew General Discussions Group and Crew General Discussions
For all topics regarding custom user groups such as recruitment, joining questions, and other threads about crews please post here.
Moderated By: Repentance
21 385 Social Crew Recruitement/...
Yesterday 02:32 AM
by Gundyr

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White Hat Malware, Virus, and Rat Removal Help White Hat Malware, Virus, and Rat Removal Help
Wanna stop the Black Hats and Crackers? Do you need assistance removing a RAT, virus, or malware? Has your site been compromised? Help others and get help here.
Moderated By: Serpius
266 2,575 PC/Monitor doing weird
10-04-2016 12:53 AM
Computer Builds & Upgrades Computer Builds & Upgrades
If you're building a system, overclocking your CPU/GPU or just want to add something custom to your puter this is the right forum to discuss.
Moderated By: Serpius,
153 1,344 Computer Build-off Contes...
10-19-2016 05:03 PM
by Anthozoa
Smartphone, Mobiles, Apps, and SDK Smartphone, Mobiles, Apps, and SDK
To discuss any mobile computing like iOS, Android, phreaking, app development, coding, tablets, troubleshooting or anything related to mobile we ask that you post them all here.
Moderated By: Serpius
124 862 Starting to hate more App...
10-11-2016 06:26 AM
by Gundyr
Miscellaneous Computer Talk Miscellaneous Computer Talk
For all computing posts not related to the other topics please post here.
Moderated By: Serpius
180 1,348 Anyone good with computer...
10-15-2016 08:32 AM
by Reflective
Windows 10 Windows 10
As the most popular OS around it's only appropriate we dedicate a forum to Microsoft Windows. Topics here should include help, tweaks, and troubleshooting.
Moderated By: Serpius
146 1,212 Unable to Create New Syst...
11-19-2014 08:30 AM
GNU/Linux, *BSD and Unix distros GNU/Linux, *BSD and Unix distros
The popularity of the unix system built by AT&T in 1969 is still the basis for current operating systems. Post about Linux, kernels, FreeBSD, and other topic in this forum.
Moderated By: Serpius
58 381 [Techspert's HelpDesk] Re...
10-05-2016 03:06 AM
by xkcd
Apple Mac and OS X Apple Mac and OS X
For all Apple Mac family computers like the iMac, Mac Pro, and MacBooks discussions. Topics include OS X help, software assistance, and Mac network setup instructions.
Moderated By: Serpius
14 83 Bootcamp question??
11-30-2014 04:19 PM
by BigBill
Networking, Routers, Switches, and Firewalls Networking, Routers, Switches, and Firewalls
For assistance with networking we have this forum. Topics include router setup, firewall configurations, and advanced networking help such as Cisco routers.
Moderated By: Serpius
4 24 how to change ip?
10-19-2016 09:36 AM
by Arrow

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Coders Lounge Coders Lounge
This is the official Coders Lounge for real developers in the real world. Show us your work, introduce yourself here and maybe have a chance to join our amazing Coders group.
Moderated By: Alteras
109 883 Game Design/Programming
12-06-2014 08:29 PM
by John Wilkes Booth
Coding and Programming Coding and Programming
Ruby, ASP and other programming languages not covered in the other forums should be posted here.
Moderated By: Alteras
0 0
Visual Basic and .NET Framework Visual Basic and .NET Framework
Tutorials and coding help for Visual Basic are here. Microsoft's event driven language using the COM model. Also included are the .NET Framework topics.
Moderated By: Alteras
221 1,382 Silentkillar's VB.NET # T...
11-28-2014 02:25 AM
by Silentkillar
C/C++/Obj-C Programming C/C++/Obj-C Programming
A forum for the entire family of C/C++/Obj-C coding. Gain help on compiling, objects, classes, and functions.
Moderated By: Alteras
92 561 [C] Writing a Program wit...
10-12-2016 06:00 PM
by Alteras
Python Python
Python is one of the most powerful adaptable general purpose languages. We have this forum specifically devoted to the Python language.
Moderated By: Alteras
51 292 GCSE'S
11-09-2014 05:48 PM
by Rockst4r
Web Development Web Development
For anything that is related to Web Development : HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, ASP.NET, etc., we have this section. Get help for the development/construction of your website here.
Moderated By: Alteras
301 1,857 [Black Diamond] CSS Basic...
10-18-2016 08:50 AM
by Alteras
Java Java
Write once, run anywhere!
Moderated By: Alteras
60 262 Java Look & Feel - Synthe...
11-22-2014 09:55 AM
by Vicious-R
Perl Programming Perl Programming
Perl is an old language that's flexible, powerful, and versatile. Even though it's dated from the 80's today it can be used for a large number of useful scripts. The power behind Perl is undeniable.
Moderated By: Alteras
2 25 Beginner Guide To Perl
07-09-2014 10:22 AM
by dongerbonger
Batch ,Shell, DOS and Command Line Interpreters Batch ,Shell, DOS and Command Line Interpreters
For any hacker the base of their coding should be CLI. The knowledge of the command line is crucial to being a legit hacker.
Moderated By: Alteras
88 588 [TUTORIAL] Batch Windows ...
10-21-2014 04:55 PM
by Popstar Ahri
Other Programming Languages Other Programming Languages
Anything that doesn't belong in other sections can be posted here about coding.
Moderated By: Alteras
67 358 Drupal help
11-19-2014 05:27 PM

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The Gamers Lounge The Gamers Lounge
For gaming enthusiast fans this is your group forum.
Moderated By: Vali
0 0
Computer and Online Gaming Computer and Online Gaming
For the PC gamers we have this forum area. Online games like MMORPGs, FPS, or RTS video games as well as flash arcades can be talked about here.
Moderated By: Vali
878 4,999 vip hf league team?
10-11-2016 04:56 AM
by Gundyr
Xbox One and Live Gaming Xbox One and Live Gaming
The Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Original Xbox is a fan favorite amongst online console gamers. Xbox Live is a strong gaming community.
Moderated By: Vali
343 2,385 COD Infinite Warfare Beta
Yesterday 07:51 PM
by Taunt
Minecraft Minecraft
It's addictive gameplay and simple mechanics make it a hit. This is the Minecraft forums.
Moderated By: Vali
238 1,870 [Free] Minecraft: Story M...
10-18-2016 09:20 PM
by Remy
FPS and Military Style Gaming FPS and Military Style Gaming
All of our popular military FPS game categories are subforums in this section.
Moderated By: Vali
308 1,572 My luck....
10-16-2016 04:16 PM
by Deadly050
Blizzard's Blizzard's
For all the Blizzard games we've created an organized category forum. Discuss World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo here.
Moderated By: Vali
9 29 Eternal Wow Private Serve...
11-24-2014 12:17 PM
by Crowley
Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto
One of the most popular video games ever and it's a huge hit among the members. Discuss the game here and topics include GTA5, tutorials, screenshots, gameplay, and cheat codes.
Moderated By: Vali
98 525 How long will the servers...
10-18-2014 09:46 AM
by Badger
Pokemon Go Pokemon Go
Catch them all and discuss it here. Did you find Pikachu yet? Share your best catches on VHF. This game is crazy fun.
Moderated By: Vali
1 5 My Collection Before Gett...
10-15-2016 11:00 AM
by Walnut
RuneScape RuneScape
Discuss updates, get help with the game, share stories. Discuss items and prices - no trading here!
Moderated By: Vali
142 1,207 New OSRS F2P/P2P Boss Obo...
10-07-2016 05:44 PM
by Tom Brady
Playstation Playstation
All gamers welcome to discuss all things Playstation related.
Moderated By: Vali
86 547 Anyone play overwatch?
09-30-2016 10:21 PM
by Olaf
Nintendo Wii U and DS Systems Nintendo Wii U and DS Systems
This is a forum for the Nintendo fans which are plenty. The new Wii U is released and the 3DS is just amazing. Post here for Nintendo talk.
Moderated By: Vali
5 41 Much nostalgia
11-14-2014 03:29 PM
by Wraith
Mobile and Tablet Gaming Mobile and Tablet Gaming
For those with Android, iPhone, Apps, Kindle Fire and Tablet gaming needs post here. Topics include Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and other popular mobile games.
Moderated By: Vali
5 18 [Gamers] Get Spotify Prem...
10-15-2016 04:42 PM
by Gundyr

Forum Threads Posts Last Post
SEO and Internet Marketing SEO and Internet Marketing
For those interested in making money from websites, social networking sites, and other internet marketing schemes please use this section.
Moderated By: Alteras
- -
Website Construction Website Construction
This area is for discussions that involve aspects of site creation. Including but not limited to PHP, CSS, XHTML, Javascript and even graphic design.
Moderated By: Alteras, Webmaster
- -
Website Showcase and Reviews Website Showcase and Reviews
This is where you can show off your website and ask for unbiased reviews. Please read the sticky about what is not allowed here. This is not meant for advertising of services.
Moderated By: Alteras
- -
Hosting Hosting
This is for hosting discussions such as deals, comparisons, and troubleshooting. If you have the need or use a host make posts here.
Moderated By: Alteras
- -

Forum Threads Posts Last Post
VIP Lifetime Access Signup VIP Lifetime Access Signup
For information on how to signup to be a VIP paid subscriber please enter here.
- -

Forum Threads Posts Last Post
Graphics Graphics
Discuss anything related to graphics here.
Moderated By: Vali
533 4,168 Free thread design |PSD|
Yesterday 06:34 PM
by envymeflight
Rate My Graphic Rate My Graphic
These are threads related to graphic ratings such as your signature or avatar. Please make sure to make quality posts.
Moderated By: Vali
269 1,966 Rate my sig.
Yesterday 12:47 PM
by Jacoobzy
Free Graphic Requests Free Graphic Requests
If you're in need of a signature or logo this is where you post. Be sure to read any rules or stickies in this section before making a new thread.
Moderated By: Vali
429 2,402 Youtube banner
10-15-2016 03:16 PM
by Gundyr
GFX Tutorials GFX Tutorials
Here are the tutorials for Photoshop, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, and other graphical programs. Post all your knowledge here.
Moderated By: Vali
61 558 How To Create A Userbar [...
10-15-2016 03:17 PM
by Gundyr
Graphic Services Graphic Services
Offer free or paid graphic services to members here. Graphic services include such topics as signatures, website graphics, logos and member graphic shops.
Moderated By: Vali
115 961 Vali Free GFX service
10-06-2016 01:20 PM
by Taunt
Video Editing Video Editing
For discussions on creating and editing videos we have this forum. Topics include Youtube videos, video editing software tutorials, and programs like Avid or Sony Vegas.
Moderated By: Vali
44 240 I need an outro
10-17-2016 09:38 PM
by Jacoobzy
Photography 101 Photography 101
Learn about digital and art photography in this forum. Topics include cameras, lenses, photo editing, great photographers, and your best pictures.
Moderated By: Vali
1 13 What Camera do you have?
10-15-2016 03:17 PM
by Gundyr

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Marketplace Discussions Marketplace Discussions
Discuss prices and ask questions here. Interested for a sticky or a paid sub-forum to get your product noticed and successful? Contact the admins.
1,033 8,223 XMLRPC CHECKER | FORMAT F...
Today 02:13 AM
by loc4lh0st
Secondary Sellers Market Secondary Sellers Market
This area is for the non-upgraded members. Follow the rules and read the stickies.
2,056 11,917 4,5 odds win - 5 DAYS IN ...
Yesterday 12:50 PM
by Jacoobzy
Hack Forums Accounts Hack Forums Accounts
All Ub3r,l33t, or 3p1c accounts on Hack Forums for sales goes here. Selling, trading or looking for an account, this is your section.
646 4,795 Selling UB3R
Today 01:30 AM
by thermal
Online Accounts Online Accounts
Here you can sell virtual items from games such as Runescape Gold, WoW equipment, and other gaming related items. No account trading allowed in this section.
573 3,230 >>> 25 CENT NETFLIX ACCOU...
Yesterday 10:28 PM
by Jacoobzy
Buyers Bay Buyers Bay
Are you looking for something? Post your wanted ads in this area. Examples would be games, downloads, or programs. Be descriptive when creating threads.
860 3,926 Ub3r Approved L33t Accoun...
Yesterday 07:50 PM
by 666 Devil
Traders Topics Traders Topics
If you want to make a trade or exchange with a member we want it posted here.
435 2,219 Looking to exchange 8$ BT...
Yesterday 06:39 PM
Auctions Auctions
This section is for the member's auctions. Start bidding and buy now for items.
85 517 Pro Circuit's Netflix, Mi...
12-07-2014 07:45 PM
by Pro Circuit
Ebook Bazaar Ebook Bazaar
If you have an Ebook for sale please post it here. Only original author of Ebooks are allowed to sell. Read the sticky before posting.
244 1,845 RESELLING DREAMS | 5 METH...
Today 12:37 AM
by Gundyr
Webmaster Marketplace Webmaster Marketplace
If you're buying or selling hosting services, dedicated rentals, domains, and even websites then this is your forum.
19 122 Servers for Layer7, DDoS,...
10-13-2016 06:34 AM
by Alien
Service Requests Service Requests
Here you can use our Marketplace to hire someone on VHF for coding, graphics, security audits, or other internet work you need done.
302 1,374 Loan
Yesterday 01:56 AM
by Remy
Service Offerings Service Offerings
If you would like to offer your services or need help in exchange for payment please post in this section.
326 1,557 [Staff] SAFE AMAZON REFUN...
10-20-2016 09:05 AM
by Boxxybabee

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